Teaching at The Lawrence School, Lovedale

The Lawrence School, Lovedale is a 163-year-old premier residential institute located near Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu. It is the place where I teach Sculpture making and Pottery to the young minds of Class 5 and above, also helping them fine-tune their photography skills.  

My primary responsibilities revolve around devising a suitable Sculpture and Pottery curriculum that is in line with different age groups. The objective is to help the children enhance their perception and explore different dimensions of creativity by indulging in this fine art of visual expression. Sculpting and Pottery can act as an excellent medium to unleash the creative power

of imagination. 

I see it as a great tool to enhance the perception and thought-process of the students— helping them learn and assimilate in the most fun and relaxed way possible.


Teaching Photography is another responsibility that I enjoy at Lovedale and our favourite activity is the 'Sunday Photowalk Ops.' It's the time when I take my students along for a long walk across the campus to gaze and feel the unparalleled beauty of breaking dawn and encourage them to capture the dazzling play of lights and shadows through their lenses.


All in all, teaching has been an overwhelming and opening experience for me so far. 

Sculpture Department at The Lawrence School, Lovedale